Think you want a dog or a puppy?

So you think you want a dog? Even a puppy? Have you considered the details and commitments that will involve? Pets are awesome, but it’s a lot of commitment.

Before you get a dog, puppy or any pet you should ask yourself if you are prepared to commit to this animal for the duration of its life. Because I can guarantee that animal certainly is going to be loyal and committed to you for its lifetime.

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So you think you want a dog? Even a puppy? Have you considered the details and commitments that will involve? Pets are awesome, but it's a lot of commitment. #pets #puppy #dogs #furbaby #boysanddogs #gettingadog #newpost #seo #blogging #bloglovin #amwriting

So You Think You Want A Dog

Have you considered all the necessities that having a pet requires? Having a pet is much like having a child. You can’t just say you want a dog, then get one and toss it in the back yard to forget about it.

A dog isn’t a toy that you can have and then grow tired of or get bored with it. Owning a pet is a long-term commitment.

Don’t get me wrong! I love animals! I grew up on a farm, so I’ve been around many animals all my life. My family had cows, horses, chickens and of course, we had dogs and cats too.

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Many reasons to have pets

I believe there are many good reasons to have pets. One of which is because there are so many abandoned animals that need rescued and given good homes. But let’s look at other reasons, first off I want to explain the reasons we had animals on the farm.

On the farm, many of our animals had purposes:

  • The cows were part of our livelihood. We raised and breed the cows to send to auction in order to make money.
  • The horses were used to round up and work the cows. Being a kid growing up on the farm, the horses were also for pleasure for me! I still own a couple of horses for pleasure.
  • Chickens, these poor yard birds. Now I feel sad for them, but as a child, I just plain ole didn’t like them! But we had them because they produced eggs for the family.
  • Cats were considered barn cats or hunters. They kept mice away from the farmhouse and the barns. Field mice would come to the barns after oats and feed. They also would come to the house seeking warmth during winter months. As long as we kept cats around the mice didn’t make it into the house or barns so easily. They were also pets that I adored.
  • Dogs were our companions and protectors. They were our alarm systems. They would bark and alert us when people drove up at the farm. They did the same and even growled when varmints such as coyotes, possums or raccoons were wandering up near the house. The dogs followed my brother and me everywhere.
So you think you want a dog? Even a puppy? Have you considered the details and commitments that will involve? Pets are awesome, but it's a lot of commitment. #pets #puppy #dogs #furbaby #boysanddogs #gettingadog #newpost #seo #blogging #bloglovin #amwriting #pugs #pugloving #BusterAndDaisy
Speckles, our great childhood protector

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Another reason you might want a dog

I believe it’s good for a child to have a pet. Especially a dog because they make good companions.

Once the child is old enough, having a pet of their own helps to teach them the importance of being responsible for the care of their pets.

However, you must set down rules and consequences for the child if they don’t take care of the pet. You must decide how you will enforce these rules before you get a pet! This is very important because you cannot threaten to get rid of the pet if the child doesn’t take care of it. That is not fair to the pet! Remember the lifetime commitment you made to the pet?

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Dog Necessities

We’ve talked about commitments and a few requirements, but what about the daily things a dog will need?

Let’s list a few of the basic needs:

  1. Water bowl- it’s really best to get the kind that has a jug on top and it dispenses water into the bowl at the bottom. This way your dog has a ready supply even when you aren’t at home.
  2. Food bowl- I personally don’t use the kind that dispenses food continually, but this can be determined by you as you get to know your dog.
  3. Vaccinations-Your dog will need yearly vaccinations at a minimum. You need to establish a personal veterinarian and keep up regular health visits.
  4. Flea protection- This too can be discussed with your veterinarian.
  5. Collar/harness and leash- Your dog will need a collar with ID on at all times. You also need a leash and preferably a harness for walking and regular exercise. Even if you get your dog microchipped for ID, I still recommend a collar with ID for quicker ID if lost. If someone finds your dog and he/she has a collar ID tag with your phone number they can quickly call, you will get your dog back quicker than if it’s sent to the shelter, then checked for a microchip.
  6. Brush and Combs- You will need to brush and/or comb your dog. Even short-haired dogs need to be brushed. It helps with shedding. A lot if not most long-haired dogs have what is called undercoats, so you need special combs to be sure and get underneath the topcoat.
  7. Shampoo and shower hose- Use a good dog shampoo to help keep their fur healthy and prevent excessive shedding. Also, a shower hose to fit over your tub’s faucet makes bathtime a lot easier on you and your dog.
  8. Toenail clippers or grinder- You must keep your dog’s nails clipped. You can take your dog to a groomer for baths and they will also trim the nails for you. However, if you do not want to go to that expense you can do it yourself. I suggest the grinder. It is much easier and a lot more comfortable for your dog.

So you think you want a dog? Even a puppy? Have you considered the details and commitments that will involve? Pets are awesome, but it's a lot of commitment. #pets #puppy #dogs #furbaby #boysanddogs #gettingadog #newpost #seo #blogging #bloglovin #amwriting #pugs #pugloving #BusterAndDaisy

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My grandchildren love my pugs

Buster and Daisy are my two pugs. Buster is almost 17 years old now. He doesn’t hear as keenly as he once did, but neither do I! He sleeps soundly and snores loudly. Sometimes he gets turned around and can’t see real clearly to find where he’s going. But I don’t mind helping him.

Buster has always been a comical guy with a great personality, and he still is even if he’s getting older. I love him more every day. He’s getting a little bossy though, and makes his complaints known loud and clear!

So you think you want a dog? Even a puppy? Have you considered the details and commitments that will involve? Pets are awesome, but it's a lot of commitment. #pets #puppy #dogs #furbaby #boysanddogs #gettingadog #newpost #seo #blogging #bloglovin #amwriting #pugs #pugloving #BusterAndDaisy
Boogie as a baby feeding his cereal to Buster and Bambi

So last year when my daughter became engaged, then she and her sons moved out, the boys took their chihuahua with them. That’s when I brought Daisy home as a companion for Buster.

Daisy is loads of fun, it’s almost as if she’s laughing all the time. She likes to play more than Buster, but he lets her know when it’s nap time again.

So you think you want a dog? Even a puppy? Have you considered the details and commitments that will involve? Pets are awesome, but it's a lot of commitment. #pets #puppy #dogs #furbaby #boysanddogs #gettingadog #newpost #seo #blogging #bloglovin #amwriting #pugs #pugloving #BusterAndDaisy
Sam and Boogie when I brought Daisy home

My pugs love the boys too

My pugs get all excited when the boys come over to see us. Daisy jumps and hops like she’s on a pogo stick! Buster actually trots to the door to meet them with his tail wagging.

Then the chase is on between Boogie and Daisy! I’m not sure which one loves to do the chasing the most, but they take turns until they are both worn out. And it takes a lot of running to wear out a 4-year-old boy and a one-year-old dog.

My Grandsons have their own dogs at home

At home, the boys each have their own dogs. Boogie claims Bambi the chihuahua, that was actually Sam’s dog originally. But when Boogie was born and grew old enough to want to hold and love the dog, Bubba was sweet enough and willing to share. Now Boogie thinks she is his dog and can’t sleep without her.

Sam (Bubba) now has another dog named Hondo that is about a year old. Their step-dad has a dog and their mom now has two dogs. The boys get plenty of doggie kisses for sure!

My Granddaughter

My granddaughter loves dogs and horses, much like her Granny! She’s a girl after my own heart!

Although she doesn’t have her own pet yet, her parents are getting her a puppy for Christmas this year! How exciting! I can’t wait! You’d think I was the child getting the Christmas puppy! ha-ha

Searching for the dog you want

Now you have decided that you really want a dog and you’ve considered all the commitments and requirements. You are sure you are ready to commit to a dog. So where do you start searching for the perfect dog for you?

Of course, the most obvious place to majority of people is the internet. You can look at the Facebook marketplace, search on google or any number of places online.

You can search for breeders if you are looking for a particular breed of dog and want to pay for a purebred dog.

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Adopt or rescue a homeless pet

However, don’t discount your local shelters or Adopt A Pet online. There are so many dogs and other pets at the shelters hoping for a family to adopt them.

Go and walk through your local shelter, you never know what you will find waiting there. Go once a week as new pets come in all the time. You will sometimes even find purebred animals there.

I visit and keep up with my local non-profit shelter just to see what comes in from time to time. Who knows when an older dog might connect with my heart and need to come home with me! You can see the pets at my local shelter by clicking on this icon:

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Tell me about your pets! I love hearing about your furbabies! Or perhaps you want to share your plans for getting a pet. Send me questions if you have any!

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