Happy & Healthy Living Blog #Lifestyle #Blog #health #depression #happyliving #travel #Texas

Welcome to my Happy and Healthy Living Home page!

Happy & Healthy Living Blog #Lifestyle #Blog #health #depression #happyliving #travel #Texas
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Welcome! I’m glad that you have found my website, and genuinely hope that what I have to offer here, can be helpful to you!

I am a mother, a grandmother and a retired/disabled nurse.  I was born and raised in a very small farming community deep in the heart of  Central Texas.  I grew up on a large farm with my parents and one older brother.  Daddy mostly farmed, but we also had about 800 head of cattle, and my favorite part was the horses we had so we could work the cattle!  Anyway, back to the introduction of my blog, and my intended purpose here!

My blog is mainly a Lifestyle blog about my experiences, knowledge, choices (good and bad) and subsequent consequences.  Some of the blogs will be about growing up in “Small Town Texas” with the pros/cons of that type of life, the relationships, life-long friendships and bonds that you make from growing up that way and on through my career as a nurse. Which will then take us through my own personal health experiences that lead me to be forced to retire early and now being disabled at age 58, but still longing to help others.  How I’m now having to change my way of eating, exercising and search for new recipes.

My experiences and life lessons will also take us on my journey through two divorces, single parenting, a few very rough roads of grief.  

You can get a lot of knowledge from books, internet searches and going to school.  However, somethings you learn best through life and experiences.  A lot of it you can learn through shared experiences.

I was always taught that “It takes a village to raise a child”, and believe me, it took this entire small community to raise all the “lil rascals” and mischievous kids that I grew up with, and now my adult children still turn to my childhood friends for advice at times.  At my age, it is very hard to “teach an old dog new tricks” but I’m once again onto a new journey learning how to eat gluten-free now.  I hope you will share my journey with me, as well as reading along as I share my experiences with you too.