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I once thought being a mother was the one thing I was proudest of in my life, the one thing, other than my nursing career that made me the happiest and made me feel complete… that was until the day I held my first grandchild!  I was 47 years old, just a little more than two weeks shy of my 48th birthday, and it was my youngest daughter that granted me with that precious gift, my first grandson, who is now about to celebrate his 10th birthday! Hard to believe he is about to have his first “double-digit” birthday!  Where has the time gone?  He is my little buddy, has been like my shadow from the beginning.   Due to some unforeseen circumstances and difficulties we were not expecting, my daughter and her husband were living with me at the time of his birth, later his parents were separated and my daughter and grandson continued to live with me.  I kept him while his mother worked, and him being my first and the only grandchild at the time, we developed a very close bond.   We had many a fun adventure as he grew, most of them involving animals, gardening, water, and mud, oh how that child loved playing in the mud during warm months!  He always did and still does have a great imagination and a wonderful sense of humor that always keeps me laughing.

Two years later I was blessed with my next grandchild, my one and only granddaughter!  This time it was my oldest daughter, my first child, the one who made me a mom when I felt like such a child myself that graced me with this bundle of joy!  My granddaughter is a beautiful carbon-copy, total little “mini-me” version of her momma, yet has so many qualities of her daddy that shine through constantly!  She is an awesome little girl with a sassy attitude and a barrel of laughs to be around.  She is definitely my grandchild in as much that she has an attitude at times, but for the most part, she has such a big, caring heart and loves to make other people laugh.   She has a very inquisitive mind and enjoys school.  She likes playing soccer, loves dance and loves animals, especially horses just like I do!  I may not get to see her every day, but I always get to talk on the phone with her and say goodnight.  We both love amusement parks, weekend getaways and staying in hotels together!  She’s my girl!

Just 4 years ago came my little caboose! At least he is the caboose at the moment!   This little booger is just everything rolled into one little firecracker!  When you first lay eyes on my Boogie you cannot help but fall in love and be full of laughter within moments.  Again, it was my second daughter that brought this gift of love into our lives, so my oldest grandson now has a little brother, and they worship each other, in between sibling fights.  Boogie is so unique in his own special way, he is very stubborn and ornery but if he feels he has hurt your feelings, he cries so hard and gets so upset.  He is a prankster for sure and loves to agitate you.  From the moment he was born this baby had a way of using his eyebrows in response to people talking to him, he still does it, he makes some of the funniest faces sometimes.  He has a speech delay, so he didn’t really talk until about 18 months old, but boy did he ever use those facial expressions to communicate!  Some of his words are still hard to understand, and he has his own special words for somethings.   We understand almost everything that he’s trying to tell us, but his big brother has always understood every word Boogie says, it’s as if they have their own language between them.

After a few times of my daughter and her estranged husband trying to work things out and not succeeding, my daughter and the boys had continued to live with me, then about 3 years ago her husband died suddenly from a heart attack, leaving her a young widow and the boys never really knowing him.  Both of the boys are special needs kids, the youngest with his speech delay and the oldest has ADHD.  You can read more about her life with special needs kids on her blog at Three Guys and A Lady.

Recently my youngest daughter has remarried so she and the boys have moved out, leaving me to finally live alone for the very first time in my adult life!  It’s strange and a bit odd, but I’m adjusting and I think I am actually learning to like it!  I’m learning what it is like to be a true grandmother instead of having the boys around full time and having to be the other disciplinarian.  It’s kinda cool this way!   Luckily they only moved 12 miles down the road so the boys and I didn’t have to go through major withdrawals of not seeing each other or anything crazy like that!! haha  My oldest grandson, the one that’s always been my shadow loves our new motto “what happens at Granny’s house, stays at Granny’s house”

until next time,

Sharon aka Granny

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