Stop Apologizing For Your Past

Stop Apologizing!

So you made a mistake, you wronged someone, but you told them you were sorry. So why do you continue to apologize or try to make it up to them?

Stop Apologizing! Once is enough, then after that it’s up to the other person to forgive you or not. The ball is in their court!

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We need to apologize,

When we do something wrong we need to apologize for our mistake. If we hurt someone’s feelings or offend someone by our words or actions, then we should apologize to that person.

Then stop apologizing!

Once we apologize for our mistake, or for offending someone, then we can stop apologizing for that particular offense! We should never feel like we need to continue to apologize for the same mistake or offense over and over again!

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Stop Apologizing for your past

Your past is your past and you need to stop apologizing for it. If you have already apologized for your past mistakes then move on and leave it in your past.

Why should we apologize?

I keep saying to stop apologizing so let’s look at reasons why we should apologize.

In my opinion, the main reason we should ever apologize to someone is to acknowledge their feelings. Your apology lets the other person know that you realize your words or actions hurt them. It also lets that person know that you sincerely regret having offended them. The apology is about them and your respect for their feelings. Even if you do not completely understand why it was hurtful to that person, once you realize that it hurt them, be respectful and apologize. Once is enough, you apologize and then it is up to the other person to accept and forgive you or not.

Another reason to apologize is that an apology can mend or save a relationship. It can help re-open communication and prevent further misunderstandings.

Apologizing to our children even when they are young can set a good example as well as teaching them respect.

What happens when parents apologize to their kids? Understanding, forgiveness, closeness and love. When my parents tell me they’re sorry, I feel as if they really do care about me and how their mistake affected me. It reminds me that they are not perfect either and that they are still learning from mistakes. Above all, their apology reminds me that they really do love and care for me.

When to stop apologizing

After you give your sincere, heartfelt apology you can then stop apologizing for that mistake.

Perhaps the offense was so deep and so hurtful that you feel really guilty about it. You may continue to feel some guilt or shame every time you see the person. If you still feel this guilt even after apologizing it may cause you to want to apologize again, but don’t! When you continue to apologize, again and again, the other person may start to wonder if you were ever sincere with any of your apologies. Or when you first apologized and the other person forgave you the whole situation may be far from their mind now. So each time you bring it up to apologize again you are bringing that hurt back fresh to their mind.

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On the other hand, if you apologize and the other person does not accept your apology, then it is out of your hands. You’ve done your part. Honestly, there isn’t much else that you can do. It is not up to you to force them to forgive you. They have to decide if the offense was forgivable or not. They know how badly they were hurt and if they are capable of forgiving you. All you can do is explain you did not intentionally say or do those things meaning to hurt them and apologize. Where the relationship goes from there will depend on their ability to forgive you. Any relationship can’t go far if one or the other person is constantly going to bring up old offenses and hurts from the past. Find a way to put it to rest one way or another.

Sorry, not sorry?

Some people tend to say “I’m sorry” to almost everything! Seriously, a lot of people say it automatically, like they don’t know what else to say. Some people use the term just because they are so compassionate and cannot tolerate seeing anyone else hurt or feeling bad. But some use it out of habit because they have always been made to feel guilty for everyone else’s problems. And that my friend is not cool!

You should never feel the need to apologize for you! Never apologize for being yourself. Do not ever think you need to apologize to anyone else for being who you are!!

You are you for a reason!! God created you just the way you are and He loves you as you are! All your passions, desires, skills and abilities… God gave you those unique talents to share with the world. God had a plan for you from the moment you were created inside your mother’s womb. God gave you the talents and desires that you would need to fulfill the dreams He had for you. So believe me when I say YOU are enough! you are MORE than enough. You are perfect just the way you are! Don’t let anyone else tell you differently. Don’t let anyone else make you feel less than anyone or anything else. You are perfect and you have a purpose! So stop apologizing and start living to your fullest potential!

In conclusion

In conclusion, to stop apologizing for your past I hope that I’ve helped you to see that you do not need to continue apologizing for yourself or your mistakes over and over again.

Apologies are important. They are a basic form of respect and a way of taking responsibility for our own actions.

We should even apologize to our children. Apologizing to our young children teaches them by example to be respectful.

Most of all, respect yourself! Apologize when you need to, then stop apologizing and move on!!

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  1. Jenn Summers says:

    Such great advice, Sharon! Thank you!

  2. Jenn Summers says:

    Great post I tend to say sorry a lot. I think I’m quite empathetic and sometimes at a loss of words however I do say sorry for my behaviour or any little thing I do quite a bit. My husband is always telling me to stop apologizing. I think it is because I’m so Canadian hahahaha.

    1. Sharon_Green says:

      Being able to apologize can be a great attribute! As long as we don’t repeatedly apologize for the same thing, or tend to apologize for just being ourselves! 🙂 Thanks for reading!!!

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