Self-Awareness: Recognizing your Emotions, your Reactions and How they Affect Others

Self-Awareness: Recognizing your emotions, your reactions and how they affect those around you. Being mindful of your own feelings and how you react to them is helpful in leading a more positive life.

Self-Awareness not only helps improve your personal mindset, but it also helps improve personal relationships as well. Becoming more aware of self and others will improve relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

Let’s dive into finding out what is Self-Awareness and Recognizing your Emotions, your reactions to those Emotions and How those reactions affect others around you.

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Self-Awareness: Recognizing your emotions, your reactions and how they affect those around you

Basically self-awareness is knowing yourself. I mean really knowing yourself. Think about your feelings, why you feel the way you do about something and more importantly how those feelings cause you to react.

Reactions to situations can often be more important than how you actually felt. Your reactions can sometimes blow things out of proportion. I’m not saying other people’s feelings are more important than yours. Just consider how you are reacting to those feelings.

What is Self-Awareness

In an article titled Develop Self Awareness, this is how they defined Self-Awareness: “Self-awareness is where you can recognize your emotions and feelings as well as your abilities and preferences. You also have an understanding of how your thoughts impact your behavior and how your behavior impacts others. In simple terms, you understand how your feelings can create certain behaviors which will then have an impact on those around you. When you can learn to recognize and become aware of what emotions and reactions you have, you can work on any that you think are negative and try to improve.”

Recognizing your Emotions

Of course, we are aware of our thoughts when we have them. We are even conscious of the thoughts that make us sad or happy.

However, to become self-aware you need to have a heightened awareness of your thoughts and the feelings associated with them. Try thinking more in the moment. Slow down the thought process and see things in slow motion. Give yourself time to evaluate and process the emotions and feelings as you think and before you react. Take a few minutes each day to “talk to yourself”. Find out who you really are.

Don’t settle for the explanation of “that’s just who I am” or “that’s just how I feel about it”. Dig deeper. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what made you the way you are? What or even Who caused you to feel that way about certain things? Look back through your life memories. Who or what influenced certain things in your life that may have formed your beliefs and feelings? This is finding your story or narrative identity. (Hanesbrands Inc.)


Create a daily time for self-reflection. Take time each day to sit down and reflect on things that are important to you. This is being mindful. Don’t focus on just things that are needed or required. This is time to think of things you are thankful for and things you cherish in your life. This will help take away anger and anxiety.

Personally I do this by keeping a journal. I started to journal because I was feeling so angry. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I wanted a way to vent all those pent up emotions. So I started to journal. Then I took it a step further and started an online journal, mainly because my oldest daughter wanted to read what I wrote. Also, I thought it might help other people. It has helped me a lot. It has been very cathartic and I’m not feeling the anger as much now. You can visit the online journal at Soulfully Speaking if interested.

Also, I have recently (past few days) started using journal prompts from a wonderful blog that I follow! The Mindfully Modern Mama. Awesome blog! And you can check out her Journal Prompts here!

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Becoming Self-Aware is Helpful

How is becoming Self-Aware helpful? First and foremost it helps keep negativity out of your life! A more positive life and mind are always beneficial!

Negativity is harmful to your mental and physical health. Eventually, it’s going to hurt you socially too. I mean really who wants to be around a Negative Nancy all the time? Am I right, or am I right?

Practice a little gratitude each day, and again do a little self-reflecting. For example; when you are at work and there is always some general chit-chat going on between co-workers. As you join in on the conversation think about what you are about to say. Try to make your comment more positive than negative. Spread a little sunshine people! You just might change the attitude of the room.

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Being Self-Aware is not just about affecting others

Being more self-aware about your emotions is not just about how it affects those around you. It’s also about helping yourself.

Developing self-awareness helps you to recognize your own negativity. Things that make you anxious, angry, and upset. Recognizing these things helps you to avoid them when possible.

Avoiding these things helps to decrease negativity as well as toxic people in your life.

Therefore, you can live a much happier and a more positive life.

Ways to Develop Self-Awareness

  • Meditation is one of the best ways to develop Self-Awareness. This is something I haven’t mastered yet, but I’m working on it.
  • Keep a log or journal
  • Live in the moment and analyze your emotions. when you do this you will learn to stop worrying about the future.
  • Ask friends and family- If you can ask your friends or family to honestly give you their critical and objective perspective on you and your feelings/behaviors, you can get great insight from the people closest to you.
  • Ask yourself questions such as; How am I feeling right now, and how is it affecting me? Why do I avoid that certain thing? How do others perceive me and feel about my actions?

In Conclusion

Becoming self-aware and recognizing your emotions, your reactions and how they affect those around you can help you to lead a happy and healthy life.

The benefits of developing self-awareness include:

  • Living as a self-aware individual allows you to live in the present, knowing who you are and what you want.
  • You find it easier to let go of toxic people as you know what you deserve.
  • Aware people welcome mistakes as stepping stones to success. They are not deterred by failure as they know what they are capable of.
  • Gratitude goes hand-in-hand with awareness. You are grateful and thankful for who you are.
  • You understand your own boundaries and limitations. Therefore, you are comfortable saying no.
  • Self-awareness boosts your confidence.
  • Productivity is another benefit of self-awareness. Being able to control your emotions means you replace reactivity with proactivity.
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