Saturday Spotlight Series- Episode 8 With Sydney C

Episode 8 of my Saturday Spotlight Series features Sydney C. the creator of the Sydney C Says blog!

I am happy to showcase another great blog and blogger on my Spotlight Series.

Sydney has a lot to offer to readers on her blog, so let’s get to it!

Episode 8 of my Saturday Spotlight Series features Sydney C. the creator of the Sydney C Says blog! I'm happy to showcase another great blogger on my series. #SaturdaySpotlight #spotlightseries #bloggerspotlight #blogstofollow #blogsIfollow #followme #blogfollow #blogging #amwriting #bloglovin#mentalhealth #lifestyleblogger #seo #newpost #travelblogs #momblogs #healthblogs #family #yolo

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Saturday Spotlight Series

If you have been following my spotlight series, then you know how much I enjoy doing this series. You also know why I do it.

For those of you who may not have read any of my previous posts in this series, let me explain a little about it.

I LOVE doing this series, mainly for two reasons. First reason is that I enjoy giving my readers a chance to read and explore other great bloggers that I enjoy reading their content.

Second reason for this series is that I absolutely love the opportunity to give back to the blogging community. This is my way of helping other bloggers to get more exposure for their own blogs.

So, sit back, relax and check out Sydney C. of the Sydney C Says Blog!! I adore this blog!!! You really must click her homepage link and check it out! She has a free COVID-19 home therapy group offered right there on her homepage!!! How cool is that????

Why I Read Sydney’s Blog?

Why I read Sydney’s blog is very simple. Sydney is genuine, straight forward and honest.

Her style of writing is easy to read and very enjoyable. I can relate easily to the things she writes about and how she writes about the situations.

The words seem to just flow and I feel as if I’m having a conversation with Sydney as I read her blog. I even nod in agreement as I’m reading. It’s comforting to feel as if someone truly understands you!

What I Get From Sydney’s Blog

What I get from Sydney’s blog are tips, encouragement and affirmations that I’m not alone in common daily struggles!

Sydney talks openly about food and yo-yo dieting struggles, which I have encountered all of my life! So many women tend to have difficulty admitting this or talking about it. I admire Sydney’s courage and determination in these areas.

Also, her other topics of being a working mom and shopping enthusiasm are interesting and helpful!

Why I Recommend Sydney’s Blog

I recommend Sydney’s blog because she is inspiring to someone that struggle with balancing work, home, kids and staying healthy daily! Did she leave anything out for us women? If so, it isn’t much!

Everything most women struggle with on a daily basis is addressed one way or another on Sydney’s blog with a flair of how she copes with it all herself.

Sydney balances a lot in her own personal life so she blogs from experience! Check out her blog Dear Parents Of The New Norm.

Episode 8 of my Saturday Spotlight Series features Sydney C. the creator of the Sydney C Says blog! I'm happy to showcase another great blogger on my series. #SaturdaySpotlight #spotlightseries #bloggerspotlight #blogstofollow #blogsIfollow #followme #blogfollow #blogging #amwriting #bloglovin#mentalhealth #lifestyleblogger #seo #newpost #travelblogs #momblogs #healthblogs #family #yolo

Introducing Sydney C.

Now I want to introduce Sydney by telling you more about her personally! I asked Sydney a few questions. So I will post the questions I asked her, then post her answers in her own words.

Let’s see what Sydney has to say about herself and her blog!


Sydney: “My name is Sydney Culver, I am a former high school principal who decided to go back to teaching this year. I am a wife and mom (I have five children). I am about to experience empty nest syndrome!”


Sydney: “My lifestyle blog covers all of the things I love to talk and rant about. I blog about fashion (as an avid shopaholic), health (I have fibromyalgia), and education. My niche is actually not whittled down to just one thing because I like to talk and write too much. I’m coming from a middle-aged perspective.” 


Sydney: “I began blogging as a way to indulge my love of writing and ranting. I was also hoping to make a buck or two, but have found that aspect to be quite difficult.”


Sydney: “Originally I was inspired by women who had a voice on the internet blogging about fashion, food, health, and travel. At the time it didn’t seem like there were too many older bloggers who wrote about fashion and their health journey. I was also inspired by a couple of younger bloggers, such as Fitty Britty (who is not ashamed to show off the imperfections we all most likely have), Alyson Hayley-who is always traveling to a great country dressed like a boss and handing out much-coveted advice. There also seems to be a lack of mainstream people of color who are blogging and getting the love needed in order to monetize. Basically I’m trying to fit about four roles!”

Sydney’s Bio

Connect with Sydney
Sydney C Says Blog
Follow on Instagram


There you have it!!! I hope you have enjoyed meeting Sydney through my spotlight series!

I also hope you will take the time to visit Sydney’s blog and connect with her!

As always, please leave me a comment to let me know if you are enjoying this series!

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Until next time,

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