Reasons I Like to Shop on Amazon

like to shop on Amazon

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I love living in a small rural community especially since it is my hometown that I grew up in and I’m back here after retiring.  I enjoy the quiet country living, two-lane highways without a lot of traffic.   The only traffic jams you’ll see are waiting on a man on a tractor or when parents are lined up to pick their kids up from school.   We have one small convenience store with three gas pumps, a feed store and can’t forget Mookie’s Bar B Que!!  Little ole Coolidge, TX is just a bump in the road that you will miss if you blink too slow when passing through, but if you ever find yourself anywhere near here, you MUST try Mookie’s!!!  I’ve always lived in Texas, and I’ve tried Bar b que from all over the state, but Mookie’s is by far the best brisket I’ve ever tasted!  The meat is so tender and has such wonderful flavor that you don’t even need any sauce on it, which is why he serves the sauce on the side!

So, back to why I like to shop on Amazon, while I love my small country living, I have to drive at least 12 miles to even get a Sonic drink or to go to the pharmacy.  The nearest HEB grocery store or Walmart is that same 12 miles away, but they are not the large size stores you see in larger towns, no for the super Walmarts and large grocers I have to drive at least 38 miles.  So I really, really like online shopping for a lot of things, and Amazon is my “go-to” online shopping place!  I use it so much that I find great value in having my Amazon Prime membership that gives me free 2-day shipping and lots of other perks too!

  1.  My number one reason I like shopping on Amazon is the convenience that I just explained above!
  2. Shopping from home in my pajamas, I have plenty of time to comparison shop and really think about my purchases.
  3.  Most of the time, I’d say at least 98% of the time, I find exactly what I want on Amazon and at a much cheaper price, plus I didn’t waste any gas driving to find what I wanted.  win/win!!
  4. Amazon has an option for recurring monthly purchases.  I love this option for my grandson’s iron gummies that we could not find in any stores near us! Amazon automatically ships them to us each month on the same day, so we don’t forget and he never runs out!
  5. I could go on and on with many things I love about Amazon, but to sum it up, I love the music, books, and movies I stream and buy from Amazon.  I do most all of my grandkids’ birthday and Christmas shopping online and I’m able to get exactly what they ask for.  It’s great and easy shopping right at my fingertips and then it comes right to my door, what more could I ask for?

One of my favorite Christmas gifts that I know came from Amazon was my Keurig from my daughter and grandsons!  I love my morning coffee, but living alone I hated making a whole pot of coffee and trying to make half a pot just never came out tasting right.  I love my Keurig!!  Now I can have a fresh cup whenever I want it, one cup at a time and no wasting!  If you like coffee and don’t have a Keurig you should think about getting one, they are really worth it!


  1. Jordan says:

    I love my Amazon Prime too! I rent all of my college textbooks from there! It’s way cheaper, convenient, and at the end of the semester I don’t have a ton of useless books sitting around because I just send them right back!
    I also like to order all the supplies for my cleaning company there for better discounts and fast shipping!

    1. Sharon_Green says:

      I agree Amazon is great for many things! Thanks for reading my post and for your comment, Jordan!

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