How to find the next great book to read

How do you go about finding your next book to read?

If you love to read as much as I do, then finding the next great book to read can be exciting or it can become a great dilemma for you. Do you ever feel that way, or is it just me?

How to find the next great book and a list of my favorite suspense authors. #suspensenovels #suspenseauthors #books #lovetoread #crimenovels
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No, really I’m seriously asking, is it just me, or do you really get excited over picking the next book you will start reading? Maybe I get overly excited about it, but reading for me is like going on an adventure! In order to go on a good adventure, I don’t just need a good story-line a need a great author that I can enjoy reading their work!

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Trying an author you haven’t read before…

Have you ever found a great sounding story-line, the jacket cover made you want to dive right into the book and start reading? You get home with the book, get comfy in your favorite reading spot with what you think is going to be your “next great book” to read and start this wonderful story… you have never read anything by this author, but the insert made the story sound so enticing that you just knew it would be great! As you start reading, you notice your mind wandering, you aren’t recalling details, you aren’t finding yourself lost in the story-line. All because of the way the author is telling it… this author is not what I call an “easy-read” for me.

I know right then that I am not going to fully enjoy that book. I may eventually finish it because I just cannot start a book and not finish it. However, it will become one of those books I read in between other greater books that I enjoy more.

Hunting the next great book becomes a dilemma,

When I start a book that is not an easy read for me that is when it just became a dilemma for me! If I purchased the book, then I’m even more hard-pressed to finish the book, even if I’m not enjoying it. If it’s a library book (yes I still enjoy going to my local library) then I can easily just return it, but it will bother me not to finish something that I started.

This is one reason that I use Amazon!!! I use Amazon Prime for a lot of things and while that is still purchasing books, I use it for all my favorite authors that I know I will enjoy. For me, there is just something about turning an actual page that adds to my reading experience.

However, I also read on my Kindle and I sometimes even use Amazon Audible. I read a lot! I also read very fast! I subscribe to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited and it is great! If you haven’t tried it, you should!

My next great book and favorite authors,

When looking for my next great book I always look for the newest book by my favorite authors. I read very fast, I can read a fairly large novel within a couple of days, depending on what else I am doing during that time.

The fact that I read fast is one thing that helps an author get on my favorite’s list or even to get on my radar for me to start reading their books. When I have read all of my favorite authors’ books, even their latest ones published, I then must look for something new to read, by an author unknown to me. Another dilemma for me, this actually wreaks havoc on my stress and anxiety.

So how do I find this next great book or author

I always read crime and/or suspense thriller novels. I like watching true crime on TV shows, but when reading, I prefer fiction. First I search (usually on Amazon) for the latest published novels by my favorite authors to see if I’ve read them or not. My list of top favorite suspense authors include:

Most of these authors have series, meaning they include the main character in several books, so you can follow your favorite hero throughout more than one crime! If I am ‘caught up’ on their most recently published novels, then I have to go out looking for something by an author I have not read before.

There are several ways to do this. I have found a site called Dead Good that lists what they consider the best books to read. Another good site to find books and authors is Booklist Reader and I’m sure there are many others. I can always search through my Amazon Kindle App. Or I sometimes will search Amazon for Most Popular Authors in Suspense Thriller. All of these different ways will help me find books to read. I sometimes look for bloggers that I enjoy reading to see if they have listed any good books they recommend, if I enjoy what they write, then maybe I’d enjoy what they read, seems logical to me.

Finally the old fashion way

The final and last way I look for the next great book to read, is I take a trip to my local library. I go to the suspense novel section and start at the beginning because the books are in order alphabetically by the author’s last name. I start searching for an author I haven’t read before that has more than five books on the shelf. Then honestly I look for a title that catches my attention and read the front and back insert. If those catch my attention enough, I go sit down and start reading a little way into the first chapter to see if it passes my easy read test.

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But that’s not all!! Oh no, if the author passes my test this far, then I must go back and find the first 3 or 4 books they published. I do this by checking copyright dates. I do not want to start with the latest book published or one halfway into their career. What if this author writes in series, which I enjoy, but would ruin my experience if I later had to go back and read an earlier episode. Reading is an entire process for me to fully enjoy the experience.

Do you enjoy reading? If so what type of books do you enjoy? Do you have a list of favorite authors? Share with me what you like to read! I always need the next great book or author to read!!

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  1. Gayle Gammage says:

    Your local library also has books you can check out on the internet, for free all you need is a library card. Goodreads is a good site for reviews.

    1. Sharon_Green says:

      Gayle, this is so true! And I LOVE going to the “brick and mortar” library! Something about holding the book and smelling the pages is comforting to me. I can simply get lost in a good book!

  2. Kimberlie says:

    The best feeling I’ve had with finding a new book is having one suggested by a student. It makes me feel so proud to see that they are confident enough in their knowledge about the author and of me to suggest a book to me. It make me even happier that I was able to take their suggestion, read the book and loved it.

    1. Sharon_Green says:

      Kimberlie, wow! I can see how that would be an amazing feeling! I can only relate that feeling with when my adult children give me a book as a gift and it turns out to be a book that I really enjoy! Thanks for reading my blog!

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