My life with yo-yo dieting

Most of my life, even as a child, I have been chunky, fluffy, whatever you want to call it, heck I was “the fat chick”.  I don’t mind saying it, that’s what I was, no other way to describe it, and no sense trying to “sugar coat” the facts.

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Growing up in a small town, going to a small school where everyone knew each other, it didn’t really bother me.  There were 18 kids in my graduating class, and ours was the biggest class to graduate from our school in many years.  So when I say everyone knew each other, we literally KNEW each other, even from ALL the other grades in our junior high and high school.  We were all friends with each other, we were all “popular”, there weren’t any “groups” that were more popular or “cooler” than others.  It didn’t matter that I was “the fat chick”  I wasn’t the only one, and I was popular, had all the close friends that everyone else did, and even got asked out on dates.   Life was good, so I didn’t worry too much about my “image” or how I looked.  However, I eventually did want to fit into cute clothes and wanted to be able to run more than 10 feet without getting out of breath!  And that’s when my yo-yo dieting began!

yo-yo dieting

Over the years, I have tried every trick, “magic pill”, fad diet, and exercise program that I have come across.  Each one would work for a while, and I’d lose 20 or 30 pounds, but then I’d give up, I’d start slacking.  I’d start gaining it back and I’d gain back the original 20-30 pounds I had just lost plus 10 or 20 more.  So I continued to yo-yo, up and down, back and forth for years and years.  All my adult life and I’m 58 now, so I’ve been doing this for many years!!!  Finally about 7 years ago, I topped out at my largest of 247 pounds.  I did not feel well, and it’s understandable because of my diabetes, my blood pressure, and my cholesterol levels were skyrocketing and completely out of control.  Yo-yo dieting increases the risk of heart disease.

Then I had a massive heart attack in December of 2012, the cardiologist said scientifically speaking, he did not see how I survived.  An artery on one side of my heart was 98% blocked and one on the other side was 100% blocked.  Fortunately, I did not require heart surgery, the cardiologist was able to remove the plaque, open up both arteries and place stents in them with a heart catheter.   I remained in the hospital for 3 days and was allowed to go home, but I had a lot of changes to make to my diet and exercise.  It was not going to be easy. - shop now!

It’s really hard to be active when you are so overweight and don’t feel good, but I had to start somewhere if I wanted to live to watch my grandchildren grow up, and I really did want to live.  My youngest daughter and her son (she only had her oldest at this time) were living with me, so she helped me by cooking the right foods and trying to keep me active as possible.  I was miserable and depressed.  I was on a lot of medication and two kinds of insulin.  I took long-acting insulin in the morning and evening, then I also took fast-acting insulin at meals depending on what my blood sugar reading was at that time.  I totally despised the fact that I had to get up every morning and stick my finger to check my blood sugar before doing anything else.  Then I had to check my blood sugar again before lunch, dinner and at bedtime, and take insulin accordingly.   It was frustrating at best, but totally depressing if I let myself dwell on it.

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This is about the time that my oldest daughter discovered Plexus Slim and told me it was supposed to help with weight loss.  So I tried it and it did help me, it wasn’t a quick fix or a magic pill, but it did help me to form better eating habits.  Over the next year of using those supplements, focusing on eating healthier and walking half a mile every day, I did lose 79 pounds.  Then I did slip now and then, I didn’t stay strictly on my new eating plans all the time, but I tried.  Somehow, not sure exactly how I maintained my weight between 165-170 pounds for 5 years.   Also during those next 5 years, I had another heart attack and a major stroke.  I’ve encountered other digestive problems and general health problems along the way as well.

Last year my youngest daughter became engaged and started planning her wedding and that’s when my oldest daughter and I decided we wanted to lose at least 20 pounds before the “big day”!  My youngest daughter was a widow with 2 young boys, so she didn’t want a huge wedding, but this would be her fiance’s first wedding.  They decided they did want a church wedding with family and close friends and a reception.  All of this was going to happen in just under a year from the time they were engaged!  Let the dieting begin!!!  But the weight was NOT coming off!

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I want to stop right here and say that I do NOT recommend or suggest that anyone reading this should do what we did!  I am not advising anyone to try this.  I am NOT saying this was a healthy way to lose weight.  I am merely telling you what we did, maybe out of desperation, but I will never tell anyone that it is a safe way to lose weight.

Now, with that being said, my oldest daughter and I had tried everything and the weight was not coming off.  She was to be the matron of honor, so she had to get the weight off before time to have her dress fitting.  We were on a tight schedule!  We came up with a plan.  Actually she kind of threw it out there thinking it sounded crazy and that I might not agree, but of course, I said: “let’s go for it”!  We decided that we would try it, if either of us could not stick with it, we’d give up, no shame in calling it quits or saying we gave up.

This was the plan: For 3 straight days, we would only consume liquids, no solid foods.  Then for the 4 days after that, we would do liquids all day but eat a light dinner for our evening meal.  Then repeat the cycle.   When I say only liquids, I mean what is considered a full liquid diet.  We had only water, tea, and coffee until noon, then the rest of the day we added protein shakes, V8, fruit juices, jello, sugar-free pudding, creamed soups, broth, milk, popsicles and we counted the calories on all that we consumed.  For our light dinners, we ate only protein, fruits, and vegetables.  We cut out all carbs and any added sugars.

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Okay, so the weight came off, but again I am not recommending this way of dieting to anyone!  I am not saying or suggesting that it is safe to do this to your body!!!  We even noticed after a while that we stalled and stopped losing, we had to start adding more calories so that our bodies would not think we were starving and start storing more fat instead of letting us lose.  We may be a little crazy, but we had to be reasonable too!

I started at 168 pounds and in 5 months I lost down to 143 pounds for the wedding.  The best part of all this was that I learned a couple of interesting things through this crazy dieting; 1) I learned better eating habits, such as cutting out all those starches, carbs and sugars that I didn’t need in the first place.   2) I apparently had a gluten intolerance!  who knew!

I’d always felt sick, a little nauseous and stomach would bloat really bad after eating bread, pizza, tortillas or things that had flour in them especially.  I’d have flares with what I thought was IBS and my digestion was just really messed up in many ways.  I’ve had arthritis for years, but when we did this crazy dieting and cut out all the carbs, flour, starches, and sugars all these symptoms seemed to go away!  Even my arthritis pain was not as bad as before.  So I am now smaller and weigh less than I ever have in my entire adult life and I have a whole new way of eating!  No, I am no longer doing the liquid diet thing, but I’m definitely cutting all gluten out of my diet!!

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