I Can See Clearly Now The Pain is Gone

Have you ever been asked that old tiring question about “is your glass half empty or half full?”

glass half full or half empty

yeah, you know the one, you hear it a lot I’m sure, but do you ever stop and think about what that question is really asking?  I mean seriously half full or half empty in any glass is going to be the same amount of liquid, right?  So the question is actually asking you to think about your perspective on life, or how you look at a situation.

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Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Or you a doer or an observer?  Do you get things done or do you procrastinate?  There isn’t really a wrong answer, everyone has their own way of doing things, but how do you see things?  I have my way of doing things, I have my own opinions, but the way I “see” things in my present and future is my basic outlook on life.  Notice I didn’t say my past, I try not to dwell too much on the past, because I already lived that part of my life, I can’t change it now.  I do look back at times though, to try to remember some of those bad choices and not repeat them!

I look at life through many different types of glasses,

I have basically always been mostly an optimist, I usually see the good in everything.  Not that I’ve had a perfect life, it’s been far from perfect with a lot of obstacles and struggles.  I’ve had less than 2o/20 vision most of my life also and started having to wear corrective glasses by the time I was 14.  Then on to contact lenses by the time I was 18 and now bifocals, so yeah, definitely not perfect eyesight.

I also wear sunshades because most days here in Texas our beautiful skies are filled with gorgeous bright sunshine, which is really bright!  And sometimes I wear sunshades just to cover red puffy eyes from crying, as I said my life has endured heartbreak, sometimes from my own bad choices, but it does cause tears nonetheless.

Sometimes, I wear a mask, not a physical mask actually like a Halloween costume, but I attempt to mask my deepest feelings of depression, heartache and sadness, so I put on my ‘happy face’ out in public.   I think we all do this to some degree, at work or social events that we feel we are obligated to attend.

can see clearly now the pain is gone

When I use my Whiskey glasses,

Yes, I also have times that I use my Whiskey glasses, I’m not ashamed to admit it.  There have been times in my life that I probably used them a little more often and a little heavier than I should have, but at that time, I did find comfort in the whiskey.  I married an alcoholic at one point, and I can easily say that I personally never reached that point, but I do have times that I lean a little heavy on the whiskey.  Being a retired nurse, and having lived with an alcoholic, I can assure you that I am well aware of the dangers of mixing my occasional love for whiskey with my depression.  I will say this and being perfectly honest, I have amazing daughters and very close friends that know these very personal details about me and they never let me get too far off into that whiskey bottle.  However, occasionally life with all the personal loss and tragedies just doesn’t seem as happy as it should, so I like going out to an old true Texas dance hall, have a few drinks and glide across a sawdust-covered floor lost in a two-step.  In fact, if you’ve never experienced the atmosphere of an old-fashioned Texas dance hall, (with or without the whiskey) you don’t know what you are missing!  You really should add it to your bucket list!

Hilton Hotels

The Only Time I can see Clearly is

When the pain is almost or sometimes totally gone, and I look back on the past, I can really assess my bad choices and THAT is the only time I can see clearly.  My only 20/20 vision is my hindsight.  Looking in that rearview mirror I can easily see where I messed up and made the wrong choices.  But you know what, I’ve already been there and done that, I’m not driving in reverse.  I have to look out my windshield, not my rearview mirror.  I have to look at today and tomorrow because I cannot go back and live yesterday again.  I need to learn from those mistakes, yes, but I can’t ever undo them and start over.  I just have to do my best not to repeat the bad choices and live my life in a way to leave no more regrets!

Why not check your vision?

Try not to need so many different glasses in your life!  Keep your proverbial glass half full!  Only need your “whiskey glasses” when you are happy or being social!  And just use your mask when you really have to because of a tragedy you could not help.  Keep your family and friends close and let them help you through your struggles.  You are not alone!  Leave me a comment, I’d love to know what kind of “glasses” are you looking through?

until next time,


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