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Howdy! Glad to see you are still here, and that you made it past the first page! I’m definitely not a professional writer, but I just write from my heart, and well sometimes just whatever is on my mind. I’ve always been told that I don’t have one of those filters between my brain and my mouth (in this case my fingers). You know the one I’m talking about… the filter that most normal people have that stops them from just blurting out things they probably shouldn’t say out loud? Some have even described me as the “funny drunk” without having to have alcohol, yeah, I just kind of act that way.

Let me try to explain “why” I’m that way if I can. When I was young, around 3rd grade, I started gaining weight, I “outgrew” most of my little classmates, and from then on through to almost my senior year in high school, I was the “chubby” girl. So not that any of my friends ever knew this about me, but I was embarrassed to be in front of the class or to have to speak in front of people. I quickly decided that if I could make people laugh, then it would feel like they were laughing WITH me and not AT me. So I’ve gone through life wanting to make people laugh. There have been many times that I wasn’t sure if they were laughing with or at me, but after a point, I really didn’t mind, either way, I enjoyed the laughter!

So, now you know a little about my personality, let’s see if I can give you a few more traits about me. I was born and raised in a very small farming community in central Texas. Yep, true Texan all the way, never lived outside this Lone Star State. I only traveled outside of it a handful of times in my 58 years. Just an ole Texas cowgirl here, grew up riding horses from the time I could climb up on one and helping Daddy with the cows.

my brother and I ready to ride!

It was just my parents, my older brother and myself. We lived in the same ole farmhouse from before I was born until I moved out at 20 years old. My parents stayed there until after my mother passed away. Daddy then moved to a smaller house, which I have now retired to after he passed away. Home is home, I’ve never strayed far away.

I have a daughter, and then 5 years younger than her, are my boy/girl twins. I went through two marriages, and subsequently two divorces. So by age 38, I decided marriage wasn’t for me. I will try anything once, and I’ll admit sometimes I try it twice just to make sure it wasn’t right for me, but I don’t keep repeating those mistakes. In the last 20 years, I’ve remained single, concentrating on my career, my kids and now my grandkids, my 2 silly pugs and a couple of horses.

I have experienced a lot as a nurse, and now a lot of personal health issues. My family has suffered a lot of loss and heartache, losing my niece at age 21 to leukemia and losing my dad 6 months later. I have several friends that have lost children at young ages. I did a lot of psychiatric nursing and worked with Alzheimer’s patients. Now my latest challenge is I’m dealing with iron-deficient Anemia and gluten intolerance. Looks like I’ll be making even more changes to my diabetic and heart-healthy diet. yay me! So I hope you’ll stick around as I adapt to my new challenges and reminisce a little about my past experiences. Who knows, maybe we can help and learn from each other!!

til next time…….



  1. Meagan says:

    Really enjoyed reading your post! You sound like an interesting person and a lot of fun too!

    1. Sharon_Green says:

      Thanks Meagan! Glad you enjoyed it!

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