Through a child’s view

through a child's understanding

As a grandmother I know I’m a little biased when it comes to my grandchildren, of course, I think they are the cutest, smartest, funniest and most adorable little human beings to ever walk this earth and I love to brag about them and talk about them.  With that being said I love all three of my grandkids equally yet each of them is special to me in their own unique ways.

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While my first grandson, well he was my first grandchild and we had two years of him being my only grandchild so we have a special bond.

Then, my second grandchild, she is my only granddaughter, so of course, that makes her my little princess and we are constantly building a closer bond every day.

Then there is Boogie, he is my baby and he cashes in on that role as often as possible, yes my darling baby Boogie plays me, he is spoiled rotten and I let him manipulate me, I know it, he knows it, everybody knows it.  He even has a special name for me, he calls me Awl (pronounced All, with a cute strong southern accent) while the other two call me Granny.  I like to tease and say that Boogie calls me Awl because I am his All, his everything!!  yeah, right, it’s more like he knows he can get All and everything he wants from me with just one little pouty look.   I’ll admit it, I’m a strong-willed woman until it comes to cute little pouty faces, them I just one big sucker!

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So, both of my grandsons were born a little premature due to their mother being diabetic, she had to be induced and was not allowed to go full term, they both were induced at two weeks early.  Not too much premature, but just a little bit.  Both were healthy and fully developed just a little jaundiced, however, Boogie was also low on iron.  He’s still on iron supplements, the little stinker just does not eat much or very much variety.

He was a total momma’s boy from the moment he was born, he did not want anyone but his momma to hold him, tend to him or feed him.  So it made it rather difficult for me to even help her with him while she was recovering from the c-section and more than difficult when she had to return to work.  This baby fussed continually from the moment his momma left for work until the moment she walked back in the door after work!  I am not exaggerating one little bit!


No matter what I did for that child he was not happy with me, the only time he was not fussing was when he was hungry enough to take a bottle or when he finally wore himself out enough to fall asleep.  The rest of the day I was walking, bouncing and singing to him to no avail.   It took a long time for me and this one to learn to get along and find any kind of peace between us!  By the time he was sitting up and crawling so he could chase my pug, Buster then we started having a little more fun instead of fussing all day.  Thankfully Buster loved Boogie and enjoyed playing with him too! - shop now!

Now we had finally learned to like each other and even to live in peace and harmony while his momma was at work, but Boogie had a speech delay, so we then had to learn to communicate on Boogie’s terms.  He used facial expressions mostly and he sure got frustrated with me a lot!  But again, we made progress until we were getting along great by the time he was two and he actually acted like he loved me and didn’t mind his momma leaving to go to work.  I was a happy Granny again, my baby liked me!

Boogie dancing with Awl

He has been going to speech therapy and has improved his speech tremendously!  But he still has a little trouble pronouncing some letters and words so there are times I have to work at listening and understanding him.  Overall he makes himself understood very well and even has a few special words for somethings.  Like a policeman is a “wee-woo” because that’s how he makes the sound of the siren and the police car is the “wee-woo car”.   He has some others, but this is my favorite, and I love hearing him talk about “wee-woos”  he loves policemen, their cars and the fact that they catch bad guys.  He has a great imagination and will tell a whole story about a “wee-woo”  getting so excited and animated.

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Well, Boogie started Pre-K this year since he turned 4 this summer, I was a little worried because he can be a little shy around people he doesn’t know until he warms up to them.  I wasn’t sure how he would adjust right away.  We are just over two weeks into starting school and he loves it, he is so excited to go to his “big boy school” every morning with his Bubba.  Being Pre-K, his momma has to walk him in and sign him in on the roster each morning and one morning during the first week Boogie became so excited because a “wee-woo” in full uniform was there signing his own little boy into Pre-K!  Boogie was not shy, oh no!  Boogie’s mom knew Jason, but Boogie did not, but that didn’t stop Boogie or even slow him down.  In all of his animated excitement, Boogie reached up and tapped this policeman on the hip, Jason turned and squatted down to Boogie’s level and said hello.  Boogie got right up in his face and said “you are a wee-woo.  you get the bad guys. and I. AM. NOT. A. BAD. GUY.”  put his little hands on his hips and went to his seat to sit down.  The policeman and Boogie’s mom had a good chuckle out of that one.  And it really made me laugh when she told me about it.   A few days later Boogie saw Jason again, but he was off duty and did not have his uniform on, so Boogie politely told him he needed his “wee-woo clothes” to catch the bad guys.  And now every morning when Jason is dropping off his son, Boogie gives him a high five and tells him to be safe catching bad guys.  Kids say the darndest things!  I’m just so happy that Boogie, at such a young age,  has very high respect and an understanding of what our police do for us every day.

My baby may have been delayed with his speech and pronouncing his words, but he has never been delayed with his understanding, we just have to be more understanding of what he’s trying to tell us.  Understanding life Boogie’s way has taught me so much more through love and patience, without always using the right words.

until next time

Granny Sharon  aka Boogie’s Awl 

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